Top Five assets gives you best return in 20’s

Hello friends welcome once again to our website Expand Wisdom. People are always confused about where to invest and in which assets. Today I am going to tell you about some such assets in which you can get very good returns by investing. I am going to talk about “Top Five assets gives you best return in 20’s”. If you want to know more about assets without assets then stay with us till the end of this article.

What are assets?

Any such thing or property which a person uses for his own benefit or to increase his wealth is known as assets. There are many types of assets exist in world like Gold, bonds, equity etc.

Top five assets you should invest in

The top five assets you should invest in are fixed deposit, Gold, Equity, bonds and real estate.

Fixed deposit

Fixed deposit means a return in which you deposit money for a fixed period of time and after that period, you are given a fixed return. But this return is very low and increases very slowly. If you look at inflation, it is increasing very fast, which reduces the importance of your money in fixed deposits. If we look at the return of an average MP of the last 1 year, then about 5 to 7% comes to 1 year.


If we talk about other asset then it is gold. Gold is something that you can keep and use. The average return of gold is very low but it is such an assets, in which the chances of loss are very less. If we look at the return of gold in the last 1 year, it has increased from about ₹ 50,735 to ₹ 53,480. Its return is around 3.40 percent. Know that if we had invested ₹ 100 in gold a year ago, it would have been around ₹ 104.

But doing this work only after a general gold, if you make gold jewellery, Then the cost of making jewellery in gold comes separately, Due to which it is able to give negligible returns. That is, to invest in gold, it should be at least 10 years.


Equity means long term investment in the stock market.

Nifty 50 – Nifty Fifty is considered to be the safest among equities. Nifty Fifty India’s Top Fifty Company, which is listed in the stock market, is called the index of its group. The price of Nifty Fifty 1 year ago was Rs 14871 which is now Rs 17525. That is, these assets have given a return of about 13.30% in 1 year.

Nifty mid 500– If we talk about nifty midcap100. nifty midcap 100 is an index of hundred midcap companies that are listed in the stock market, which is created by Nifty itself. 1 year ago its price was around ₹ 21,157 which has now increased to ₹ 30,304. That is, the year it has provided about 24.19% return.

Nifty small cap 100- Nifty Smallcap is an index of 100 hundred small cap companies that are listed on the stock market which is produced by Nifty itself. If we look at its price last 1 year ago, it was around ₹ 7,337 which has now increased to ₹ 9,349. Nifty Small Cap Fund Return has given a return of around 16.27% last year.

Nifty 500– Nifty 500 is an index of 500 companies listed on the stock market. It has given a return of 17.33% in almost the last 1 year. Last year its price was 11503 which has now increased to 14890.

S&P 500– If you invest in s&p 500 apart from all this, then there are chances of getting different returns. The S&P 500 US Top 500 Company is listed on the Suzuki USA Stock Market, their index is called. 1 year ago its price was around 3841 which has now increased to 4145. It has given returns of 5.09% in about 1 year.


Bond is called that assets in which companies can borrow money from people through bonds if they do not want to issue their shares. Bonds are issued by companies or government agencies whereby the company guarantees to give some return. There are many types of bonds such as Treasury, savings, agency, municipal, and corporate. If we look at the data for the last 1 year, the bond has given an average return of around 7.10%.

Real Estate

The fifth type of assets is Real estate. Land and building assets; Property like land, property etc is known as real estate. If we look at the data of the last 1 year in this, then the average return of about 10% has been received in the state. Real estate is safe investing but in this you have to wait a long time by investing money for a long time and it becomes difficult to find clients to withdraw money in between.

How to manage Assets and liabilities?

Liabilities is the one who took money out of our pocket assets is the one who put money in our pocket. And that assets which helps you to generate passive income, you can call it assets. A man with a poor mindset buys food items and liabilities from his entire income.
A middle class man buys his liability with the money he has saved.

But a person with a rich mindset buys his liabilities with the money income from his assets. That is, you have to work hard and put a lot of money in it, then the income that you generate from acid. From that you have to focus on buying more acid. Often people buy most of the liabilities and write down the expenses so that they do not have money left to buy Assets.


So this is all about “Top Five assets gives you best return in 20’s”. All assets given above are mostly best return given in previous years. If you like this article then please share in your social media.


1 What is asset example?
Cash and cash equivalents

2 Is a car an asset?
Yes, it can be a asset

3 What are the 4 types of assets?
term assets, financial investments, fixed assets, and intangible assets

4 Is stock an asset?

5 What are 3 types of current assets?
Account receivable. Marketable securities

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